3 reasons for adding global perspectives to ALL learning areas


The advantage of bringing global perspectives to history, geography, civics and citizenship, humanities, art, drama, physical education, social education, philosophy, literacy-in fact, to all learning areas not defined is being noticed by increasing numbers of educators. So what dispositions are being developed?

Self awareness

As one looks at differing perspectives, inter and intra personal awareness deepens as one finds interdependence between peoples, critical and creative thinking as one deepens understanding of complex global issues,


Ethical understanding as one learns about consumerism and unjust labour and trading practices and cultural understanding as one learns of customs, cultures and faiths across the globe.

Problem solving

Through issues of such as peace building, human rights, social justice and sustainable futures learners become more skilled at making decisions and not only solving problems but finding the problems that need to be solved.

The humanities and STEM areas proffer opportunities for learners to become global citizens capable of and willing to make a difference in the lives of those who experience inequity of opportunity.

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