“I have worked with Marilyn Snider for many years. She is an exemplary educator whose passion, deep understanding about and commitment to the education of Australia’s youth knows no bounds. Marilyn is a collaborator, communicator, curriculum developer and close colleague. Marilyn and I have worked on many projects together, focusing on enriching intercultural learning and deepening global understanding from F-12 in independent, state and Catholic schools throughout Australia. I warmly recommend Marilyn to any prospective employer/school community.”

Megan Bourke | Global Education Coordinator | Caritas Australia

“We have had the pleasure of working with Marilyn Snider for the past 3 years as she has assisted us to ensure our units of work have a global perspective whilst tackling a variety of issues pertaining to international mindedness and global awareness. Marilyn has provided our staff with a plethora of resources and ideas which has made the task of internationalising our units of work so much easier. Marilyn’s knowledge and expertise in global education and staff professional learning is engaging, thought provoking and professionally rewarding. I highly recommend Marilyn to all schools and their community.”

Frank Catalano | Principal | Glen Waverley Primary School

“Marilyn is a passionate and inspiring advocate for helping educators to embed global education competencies such as intercultural awareness and understanding, social justice and sustainability into their curriculum. Her enthusiasm and vision to see

schools as global learning schools was core to her beliefs and passion to create and build her own consulting business that supports her clients as well as her vision. She is genuine, authentic and open and always willing to share what she knows to help others. I highly recommend Marilyn’s consulting services if you want to create a curriculum and support your educators in these new areas of learning.”

Helen Blunden
Social Learning & Performance Consultant | Activate Learning Solutions http://www.activatelearning.com.au