Global Project Taxonomy

Online Global Collaboration Taxonomy      Julie Lindsay    from  “The Global Educator”

Level 1

Online interactions


To share online learning environment activities and expand communication from local to global through online digital platforms


Blog posts and comments (class and individual

Posting digital artifacts for others to view and comment on

Level 2

Real encounters


To connect in real time to external learners and experts



Skype interactions

Google Hangouts

Video conferencing

Online chats

Level 3

Online Learning


To encourage learning through digital interaction and sharing of digital artifacts




Online communities to support curriculum objectives

May be localized or more global

May be student or teacher led

MOOCs, discussions, sharing multimedia

Level 4

Communities of Practice


Designed for specific learning objectives where students initiate or join deeper learning collaboratives

Foster online global collaborative practices that may be teacher or student led


Global collaborative practices

Level 5

Learning Collaborations


Fosters learner autonomy for online global collaboration




Extended collaborative communities