What makes a great global project?

As part of Global Leadership Week I’m took my first steps to enter the real time world of connected learning.

I was to start a Twitter Chat on Global Projects  using the hashtag @globalprojects   

Now if you’ve hosted a real time chat you’ll know that countdown time is quite a tense one.  Is everything in place. Will I sound cool? Will I have followers?

But just 15 minutes before my start time I decided to search my hashtag.  Yes, it had already been used, which meant I’d be bringing people into the discussion who would have no idea what I was doing. Mad rush to change that hashtag to … #glopro  This one sounded on trend!

Via seven questions I aimed to build a more authentic and enriching learning environment where communication, critical thinking and creativity build character and citizenship, where learners of all ages become agents of social change, collaborating across the globe to solve ambiguous and complex problems in the real world to benefit humanity.

Here are the questions for discussion-

Q1 Why have global projects?

Q2 What makes a great global project?  

Q3 How do we find global partners?  

Q4 What digital know how/equipment/platforms are required?

Q5 How do you start a global project?

Q6 What are the challenges faced with running a global project?

Q7 What topics/issues could be discussed?

You can still take part in the discussion on Twitter

Don’t forget to use #glopro not #globalprojects when you tweet

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