How do we create the framework at my school for developing global citizens?

Well, you’re probably on that pathway but looking for some signposts.

Global competence building is the key to strengthening the development of informed and active citizens with a passion for sustainable development and a real concern for the needs of those facing inequity. Global competence is the capacity and disposition to understand and act on issues of global significance.

Globally competent students must have the knowledge and skills to:

Investigate the World
Global competence starts by being aware, curious, and interested in learning about the world and how it works. 

Weigh Perspectives
Globally competent students recognize that they have a particular perspective, and that others may or may not share it. 

Communicate Ideas
Globally competent students understand that audiences differ on the basis of culture, geography, faith, ideology, wealth, and other factors and that they may perceive different meanings from the same information. 

Take Action
Globally competent students see themselves as players, not bystanders. What skills and knowledge will it take to go from learning about the world to making a difference in the world? It takes seeing oneself as capable of making a difference.

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