from a humanitarian coordinator

Please don’t collect, donate or send items to Nepal. Doing so will only prevent needed items from getting in. There are limited roads and one international airport, please leave the roads and warehouses for the field hospitals, search and rescue equipment, water, fuel, toilets, tents and major shipments of food coming in. Your medicines will not be accepted by the government or any hospital, please don’t send medicine! Leave the procurement of goods to the experts who have economies of scale and know what the needs are as well as quality standards. You are better served by donating the huge shipping costs. All items you might want to send can be purchased on the local markets by local people. By sending items you are preventing important life-saving goods from getting in. If the government hasn’t requested it, they don’t need it and won’t use it, please believe me, it will go to waste. Donate money instead or go there on holiday when they have recovered. Please share.


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