Environmental sustainability….

...does not exist without strong interplay from other important influences, economic, social, political, cultural and or ethical

Sustainable development 4 pillar model UNESCO.org

Some researchers interchange political with ethical or cultural pillars

Together these influences form Sustainable Development

Sustainable development is a moral precept as well as a scientific concept.  It is as closely linked to peace, human rights and equity as much as to ecology or global warming.  A shared vision and commitment to values that will provide a foundation for a global, sustainable future and equitable resource distribution

The Pillars

Environmental Sustainable use of resources, actions that will preserve and enrich the environment and enhance the quality of life of all species

Economic Improvements in people’s lifestyles, reduction of poverty and economic growth without being detrimental to the lives of future occupants of the planet  

Social Recognition of humanity’s global interdependence and responsibility for a peaceful, equitable sustainable future


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