What are the biggest opportunities for philanthropy in education in 2015 to invest for impact to address inequity?

Cridge-Goodwin  Director Bright Spots Schools Connection at Social Ventures Australia

 Philanthropic partnership can be hugely catalytic. What can and will make a difference in education equity both locally and globally? How do we develop strategy in partnership with philanthropy? Where are the best opportunities for maximum impact?

I felt compelled to answer Suzanne immediately…

At the end of 2014, the Australian Federal Government cut its support to the Global Education Project, a national partnership supporting teachers and pre service teachers to embed global competencies such as human rights, sustainable futures and intercultural understanding into their curricula. This particularly affects the most vulnerable communities where funds for values education and the ability to transform behaviours are already compromised. In a world where social cohesion is being attacked, the marginalised are being exploited and education funding is being reduced by governments, I seek support from philanthropic partners to address this regressive action.

Marilyn Snider

From a school in New Delhi funded by philanthropic support

From a school in New Delhi funded by philanthropic support

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