Co working, collaboration and coffee

I recently met up with four freelancers at my first co-working breakfast.

From HR, L&D, the arts and education backgrounds, we introduced ourselves and got straight down to talk.  Multi tasking whilst sending caffeine through our chilled bodies we working onour own and yet together. The chat centred round systems and processes and how workplace hierarchies and management affect organisation outcomes. Social learning and visibly shared thinking seemed to be the indicator of importance to each of our industries. To what extent did this and collaboration take place?  Were desired outcomes instigated and produced by input from all or from leadership only?   After photos, tweeting, new followers and the excitement that comes from hearing new perspectives over good coffee, we ventured out into the Melbourne winter, richer and wiser, ready to head back into our own domains.

You’re never too young

Rafi's film screen shotThursdays are my day for sharing with my 3 year old grandson. Rafi loves to criss cross the city on a bus or a train, entertaining and proving to me that learning can be enormous fun.

Our outing to the National Gallery of Victoria became a partnership between director and producer.  At the OPEN HOUSE Tromarama for Kids, we discovered a bath tub of props and a number of iPads set up for movie making.

Rafi took his position, I moved his choice of subject and he shot enough frames to launch his movie career.  We experimented with a duck and a Babushka doll, both movies of which are now lying on the cutting room floor.

Take a look at Rafi’s first movie (don’t blink) and get along to the gallery for some creative film making. Who knows, you and Rafi might be the next stop animation star film producers.

Rafi’s video