Changing Direction


Some of you may have noticed my monthly newsletters have been missing. While it’s still my intention to communicate with you, a few things have happened that have changed my direction.

I suppose new directions are a sign of growth.  Never wanting to stand still in this everchanging world, evolving and adding layers to one’s learning is a positive outcome for me.

Digital technology as a means to learning about the world through the world is consistently part of the landscape.  I’ve immersed myself in searching for opportunities for learners to connect, to exchange learning perspectives, to collaborate on issues of deep significance and to co create to bring new products and services into being.  I hope the outcomes of these projects will be for the greater good of humanity in a more sustainable world.

So here’s my recipe for learning in the second half of 2017.

Intercultural and ethical capabilities laid over learning areas, added to enhanced opportunities for personal & social growth, all managed with empathy, understanding and digital technology.

In sharing online opportunities for your learners to connect, communicate, collaborate and co-create whilst becoming global citizens it is possible to enrich your program with added perspective and worthy outcomes.

Today’s offer:   GlobalSchoolNet  supports 21st century learning and improves academic performance through content-driven collaboration. It combines education and technology to strenghten communities and benefit humanity. Founded in 1984.


Let me know if you have used if you have used GlobalSchoolNet and what were the results.